Are you interested in taking on a catering mgmt role that only dreams are make of! You might already own your own business and be looking to expand, or you might be looking for that career defining opportunity to grow beyond your wildest dreams. At WBG we are growing very very fast - we have projects confirmed to get underway and we need to start planning the food service delivery now. Our immediate need is for someone to support our existing Cafe /Restaurant. This requires a steady capable pair of hands with a great positive attitude. Planning also needs to start for the Wedding Venue and Conference facility we will be bringing to market September 2024 in Manukau, just an hour north of Wellington City. Your professional approach and outstanding servicing skills will come to the fore here. In addition, there will be serviced apartments, and a hospital facility that will all need a food service model and they are due for delivery to market in 2025 and 2027. As you can see there is huge growth scheduled for this role. Interested? If so, please send your application details to Dwayne as we would really love to hear from you. ONLY NZ BASED APPLICANTS WITH FULL WORK VISAS TO APPLY PLEASE