Writing a CV

When thinking about writing a CV make it easy to read.

Making it simple and clear will give you more chance of being invited for an interview. At Get-Go we have pulled together some great information and CV examples for you to check out.

A few tips to consider include:

  • using bullet points to list your information
  • keeping your CV to two pages
  • using short sentences
  • writing in a black, clear font and size, such as Arial or Calibri
  • if you’re asked for a cover letter, make sure you include one

Remember: Always ask someone else to read through your CV once it's done. They will be able to tell you how easy it is to read and if there are any errors.

Check out the following helpful resources:

CV Builder (careers.govt.nz) 

Free Design Tool: Presentations, Video, Social Media | Canva Can be used to create short C.V with a creative element  

Tips for creating a New Zealand-style CV (careers.govt.nz)