Bagries Farm

Here at Bagries Dairy Farm we have a relaxed atmosphere where you get be outdoors, learn a huge variety of skills and work with a laid back team.

The kind of operations we run here on the farm include milking, calving, operating machinery, feeding out and a variety of other farm jobs.

Alongside the hands on stuff, technology plays a big part of how everything runs. With opportunities to work with software such as Protrak that helps us keep our livestock happy and healthy. This lets us see what stock need more or less feed and also which cows are in season.

Within these operations a role at bagries would give you the opportunity to learn skills such as riding motorbikes, learning about animal science, learning new farm technology as well as basic life and communication skills.

While working here, you’ll learn important communication and life skills to be able to problem solve and work well with others in the team. Giving Bagries employees the opportunity to learn these on the job, is the best way we can pass them on.

We look for people who have a passion for the ag industry and are willing to give everything a go. So if you’re not about the 9-5 behind a desk lifestyle, we offer an active but laid back work environment with flexible working hours. There’s not much more you can ask for in my opinion. 

If working at Bagries farm sounds like a bit of you, we need you to show us that get-up and go attitude.

"This job is perfect for you if you enjoy a relaxed work environment with a good crew that's outdoors. It's also not just a physical job, you learn important lessons in probelm solving and working with new technologies."
Gary Burnette - Bagries Farm Manager
"Working on Bagries Dairy Farm has given me opportunities to learn leadership skills in managing people and how to operate agricultural machinery as well as helping me move up the ladder into taking roles with more responsibility."
Johnny Logan - Bagries Farm 2IC