CS Law

Who we are is understanding who you are.

We understand that Law is not all about paperwork but about spending time getting to know your clients. We understand that having a healthy work/life balance for our employees should always be a priority. We understand that less isn’t more when it comes to Law. This is why we offer opportunities in several areas such as property, commercial, personal, estates, litigation and disputes resolution. We also understand that arguing isn’t always what lawyers do best, that’s why we work collaboratively to support each other and our clients. Although one thing we would argue is that CS Law is a great place to work.

"Working at CS Law is fantastic! Everybody always has a good attitude and are ready to tackle the day but we remember to have fun while doing it."

Joseph Chagger - Solicitor

"At CS Law I have not only had a supportive place to work but I've had the privilege of meeting people and learning their stories."

Frances Shaw - Solicitor




Disputes Resolution